Producers Encouraged To Submit Letters Opposing GIPSA Rules

KLA members have until Friday (3/24) to submit comments on potentially damaging livestock marketing rules introduced by USDA. The USDA Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) issued an interim final rule on competitive injury and two proposed rules addressing undue preference December 20, 2016.
According to NCBA and KLA analysis, the latest GIPSA rules would limit producer marketing options, compel buyers to offer lower bids across the board to avoid the appearance of preference and create a situation ripe for baseless legal challenge. Both organizations have filed comments opposing the rules and are encouraging members to do the same.
To view a sample producer letter, go to and click on “GIPSA Producer Letter” in the timely links section. Comments on the interim final rule can be submitted here. To comment on the proposed rule, click here.
While comments are due Friday, a decision is not expected until Trump administration nominee Sonny Perdue is confirmed as U.S. secretary of agriculture.

Source: Kansas Livestock Association