Oklahoma Study Puts Long-Duration Implants To The Test

A recent 200-day pasture study in Oklahoma demonstrates a 20-pound advantage per head on steers implanted with SYNOVEX® ONE GRASS when compared with cattle receiving Revalor®‑G or Encore®. Cattle implanted with SYNOVEX ONE GRASS gained 2.22 pounds per day, compared with cattle implanted with Revalor-G or Encore that gained only 2.11 pounds per day.1

“SYNOVEX ONE GRASS adds flexibility for cattle producers, allowing them to extend grazing periods and get more days of gain out of their pasture,” explains Dr. Douglas Hilbig, Beef Technical Services veterinarian with Zoetis.

Cattle producers who implanted with SYNOVEX ONE GRASS generated more than $24 net income per head, when considering added weight gain and implant costs.1 The extended performance of SYNOVEX ONE GRASS delivers up to 200 days of improved gain in pasture steers and heifers, allowing cattlemen to take advantage of longer grazing periods.

“While many implants can pay out over a 100-day period, this unique, polymer barrier coating systemallows the implant to continue paying out over a 200-day period,” Hilbig said. “This extends the implant to last nearly twice the duration of conventional implant options.”

On most operations, working facilities are not located close by, making it impractical to bring stocker calves back in for re-implanting. Producers have several time-constraining priorities they need focus on instead, such as putting up hay, maintaining fence and even harvest in some areas. When implanting with SYNOVEX ONE GRASS, returns can be maximized for up to 200 days, without the need to re-implant.

“This implant allows producers to have more personal time and the flexibility to do the things we need to around the farm,” Hilbig said.

technical bulletin provides more detailed information about the study.

Increase operational flexibility, pounds and profits with SYNOVEX ONE GRASS. For more information, please contact your Zoetis representative or visit GrowWithSYNOVEX.com.

Do not use SYNOVEX products in veal calves. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.