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With the goal of accelerating its development in China, Pancosma becomes the majority shareholder of Jangsu Keybio Biology Technology Co. Ltd, a Chinese company producing additives.

Pancosma and Keybio: a durable partnership serving a shared objective for growth

Pancosma announces the acquisition of an 80% majority shareholding in Jangsu Keybio Biology Technology Co Ltd, a Chinese company specialized in additives. The remaining 20% of the capital are retained by Jangsu Hanshang Import & Export Co Ltd which is Pancosma’s long-standing partner in China. “Pancosma’s strong momentum and numerous investments worldwide, coupled with Keybio’s strengths, promise the potential for major product development and quality solutions for the Chinese market” emphasized Haoming Zhang (CEO of JH Import & Export Co Ltd) confirming his commitment to Pancosma.

Strengthening the offer with tailor made solutions dedicated to the Chinese market

China is the world’s largest market in animal nutrition with over 180 million tonnes of feed produced every year. Dr. Goetz Gotterbarm, CEO of Pancosma explained: “This partnership strengthens our position in China. Pancosma will invest in high profile encapsulation technologies on the Zhangjiagang site. Once completed, Pancosma’s portfolio and approach will be fully available to the Chinese market, in particular, our proven science-minded technologies as well as high profile tailor made solutions for Chinese customers”.

Major synergies and industrial investment for increased competitiveness in China

The merger of the two companies favours the deployment of Pancosma’s latest advances in R&D in China (for example the concepts of “non-nutrition”, Gut Effect, 17 families of patents, more than 100 peer reviewed articles). It also guarantees high-level international expertise on the ground. The construction of the new production site, coupled with the employment of additional local skills (operators, sales representatives, administrative staff), will enable Pancosma to better meet the substantial needs of the Chinese market.

About Jangsu Keybio Biology Technology Co Ltd

Founded in 2010, Jangsu Keybio Biology Technology Co Ltd is located in the free zone of Zhangjiagang port (located east of Shanghai) on the Yangtze River. The company has a production plant, a laboratory, two warehouses, and enjoys a prime location with over 13,000 m2 of land.

About Pancosma & Associates

Established in 1947, Pancosma & Associates is a pioneer in the development, production, and distribution of a wide range of additives and ingredients for innovative specialities. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and operates in over 75 countries worldwide. For more information:


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