Genex Introduces RumiLife Electrolyte M Supplement for Mature Cattle

SHAWANO, Wis.— Genex Cooperative, Inc. is now marketing RumiLife™ Electrolyte M™ nutritional supplement, a ready-to-use oral electrolyte specifically formulated for mature dairy and beef cattle.

This product helps maintain normal hydration, electrolyte balance and dry matter intake during periods of stress. Designed to drive water intake, the potassium-packed electrolyte will help cattle stay on track to beat the heat or other stress-induced situations. The product is highly palatable and includes dextrose, sucrose and lactose for added energy.

“With summer soon approaching, the RumiLife Electrolyte M supplement is a great way to help ensure producers’ bottom lines don’t suffer due to heat stress in cattle,” states Genex Resale Product Manager Bob East. “It can be used to help cattle maintain their feed intake and normal activity levels in stressed situations.”

RumiLife Electrolyte M is a versatile product. It can be added to a drench for sick, fresh or dehydrated cows, added into a total mixed ration, top dressed onto feed or added directly to water tanks during times of heat stress and before/after transport.

For more information about the RumiLife Electrolyte M supplement, contact a Genex representative or call customer service at 888.333.1783. The product can also be purchased online at

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