Your “Pocket Guide” for Conversations about Beef

Want to talk to your friends, neighbors and acquaintenaces about beef but not sure what to say? The beef checkoff offers a booklet, titled “Having the Beef Conversation,” which moves toward a better understanding of how to have effective conversations about key issues for the beef community.

Conversations about how beef is raised are happening in our local and virtual communities, and farmers and ranchers need to be engaged. This guide includes tips for engaging in beef conversations as well as key messages, tough questions and facts to share, as well as providing you a list of additional resources you can access to quickly get more information.

This booklet is the go-to conversation aid for anyone interested in becoming actively engaged in the beef conversations. “Having the Beef Conversation” follows the framework set forth in the Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review and features sections about the Beef Lifecycle, Good Food, Healthy Animals, Healthy Environment, Strong Communities and the Beef Checkoff. Each section includes the latest talking points, updated facts to share and a tough question and answer section, not to mention a reference page with additional websites for more information.

One of the best ways to begin your conversations is to follow the simple ‘E.A.S.E.’ outline: Engage, Acknowledge, Share and Earn Trust.

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