New Updated Standard Portable loading Chute by Winkel

The Winkel Standard Portable loading chute also carries corral panels and gate panels anywhere you need them. Tow the chute with
your pickup between pastures, through gates, on the highway and on country roads. New tires are standard. Each side of the standard chute
allows you to carry up to 10 corral panels and gate panels. When on location, the tongue hitch drops and swings to the side to allow adequate  clearance for backing cattle trailers up against the loading chute. The chute floor is rubber coated steel for better traction. The chute legs stand on both sides, locking the chute into proper loading height.

Animal safety has been enhanced with the addition of vertical loading guards on both sides of the loading chute outlet. Constructed of 12 gauge plate with rounded edges for safety, the loading guards create a snug fit without gaps between chute and trailer.  The Plain Chute, another Winkel portable loading chute, also features the new vertical loading guards.

For more information on this and other Winkel equipment, contact Winkel Manufacturing Co., 2225 A-200 Road, Glen Elder, KS 67446
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